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Hire domestic staff

Tiger Private recruits the complete spectrum of domestic staff into private households.

We act as a full-service household staff recruitment agency to bring you the very best domestic staff to fit your every requirement.

If you are looking to hire a housekeeper, find a chef, hire a personal driver or find yoga instructors, we can help. We will meticulously build the perfect candidate profile with you so that we ensure impeccable alignment in both values and experience.

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Household Staff

As specialists in private household recruitment, we are perfectly positioned to assist even if you would like help with a complete restructure of your domestic staff.

Time and time again, our well-rounded expertise sets us aside from other housekeeping agencies, chef recruiting agencies and personal driver recruiters.

So if you’d like help with the preparation of outstanding cuisine at home, we can tailor chef positions to suit your needs; if you require personal driver recruitment, we can locate the perfect individual.

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Structuring your household staff

If you employ a number of household staff members, you may benefit from watching this video where we reveal how to run appraisals, provide structure and establish a reporting hierarchy.

Private wellbeing specialists

As a leading domestic staff agency, our 360° service means that we can also recruit private wellbeing specialists into your home.

Our private team works with outstanding yoga instructors, pilates practitioners and dietitians who can provide one-to-one health and wellbeing services.

A busy lifestyle impacts your wellbeing considerably, so hire a private wellbeing specialist to design a plan that works exclusively for you.

Wellbeing recruitment

Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the private household recruitment process, get in touch today!

What types of private household roles do you recruit for?

Tiger’s private division provides various types of household staff for numerous homes in London, nationally and internationally. We provide fully vetted household staff for roles ranging from housekeepers, chefs, personal drivers, yoga instructors, butlers, chauffeurs, estate managers, gardeners, house managers…and many more!

How will you go about finding me an exceptional private household candidate?

Our dedicated team of experienced consultants represents a huge range of private households and has access to a world-class database of candidates. We will meticulously build the perfect candidate profile with you so that we ensure impeccable alignment in both values and experience. ​If you are a client looking to hire your next member of staff, get in touch today!

What sets you apart from other private recruitment agencies in London?

Our well-rounded expertise and tailored approach set us aside from other agencies. We have access to an extensive network of contacts and strive to deliver a personal, tailored experience to our clients. We pride ourselves on representing the most talented candidates in the private arena. This is what makes Tiger Fiercely Distinctive.

What is domestic staffing?

Domestic staffing refers to staff working in private accommodation for private employers, such as house managers, housekeepers, cooks, cleaners, gardeners and nannies.

What would be an example of a staff agency?

Tiger Recruitment is an example of a staff agency. We recruit for all roles within housekeeping, house management, estate management, and other domestic occupations.

What is the role of a staff agency?

A staff agency like Tiger will work with a private individual or domestic hiring manager to provide you with the best staff to fill your requirements, whether permanent, temporary, or part-time.


How many kinds of staff agency are there?

Staff agencies range from specialists to generalists. For example, some specialise in temporary staff, others in only cleaning staff, or private chefs. Tiger is a boutique staff agency that can provide staff for all positions of the domestic team.